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September 8, 2006

Integrated e-learning

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Alberto Ramirez Martinell I finished (again) reading the book integrated e-learning: implications for pedagogy technology and organization by Jochems, van Merriënboer and Koper, and I remembered why I cited it so much in my master thesis. It is a very good compilation of articles that by the way are very well integrated and cohesively gathered. The book is about the 4C/ID model, its implications, and applications mainly in the literature of the Netherlands. It must be a pillow book for those who have something to do with the implementation of conscious e-learning systems. I wrote some quotes in this blog

Alberto Ramírez Martinell


April 10, 2006

Words and concepts

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I have just decided to include a working section in which I could write isolated words and concepts that may be useful for my research corpus.

The appendix of words and concepts is in the PAGES block menu.

April 5, 2006

Books I have to get

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Besides, Mayer’s and Mason’s, which I have already gone into, I have just found two books that I definitively have to read.

After reading Robin Mason’s Using Communications Media in Open and Flexible Learning, I started to browse for more Open and flexible learning books and I came across a very interesting book (according to its title, indeed) called Designing Educational Video and Multimedia for Open and Distance Learning by Jack Koumi (publishing date: May 2006).

Also after getting Mayer’s Multimedia Learning from the library, I felt like buying my own copy and while browsing the web I found The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning a newer book of Mayer’s.

Again the concept of opportunistic learning has helped me finding interesting things.

Update notice 10.04.2006
I have just received my copy of one of those two must-have books.

March 9, 2006

Videoconferencing essay

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I am writing an essay of videoconferencing in networked learning, and I have been looking for papers and other sources to document what I say. I found in the Bibliography of one of Mike O’Donoghue’s papers an interesting source called Videoconferencing: active reflection on new technologies when lecturing. I look it up in Google and I found it in a reliable resource database, where I also found another paper called Videoconferencing: a collaborative experiment.

In the first paper, I found very interesting, how the videoconferences were operatively managed by means of an etiquette, and how logistic and budget defined the use of videoconferences in these Scottish HE sites.

February 28, 2006

Opportunistic learning

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J. Lundin and M, Magnusson in a paper called Collaborative learning in mobile work, mentioned the concept of opportunistic learning, which says that learning may take place when walking from one office to another and running into someone who tells you something that might be useful to you. Well reading this article, I bumped into something that might be useful to me.


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