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October 6, 2006

Technology Enhanced Learning Environment

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I am about to start one important stage of my research project. which is the development of a learning enviornment for a Statistics lecture for undergraduates. Next week I am going film the lecturer giving some explanations of the course and I am going to carry out a survey about likes and dislikes of the target group. The aim is to develop a user based prototype and to go on the development of the environment and features according to the users’ needs. I will be reporting the weekly progress of this phase.


April 11, 2006

Video Blog

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In the task of developing a vlog for delivering video summaries for one of my case studies, I went over two different methodologies to achieve my goal.
First of all, I recorded a talking head, and I created a PowerPoint presentation, then I used Camtasia Studio to integrate and synchronize the slides with the video. At that point everything was pretty straightforward. (more…)

March 26, 2006

After all, why video streaming?

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I was skimming some of the articles in the click and go video project website, and I found particularly interesting two called Developing a streaming Video Methodology and Click and Go Video, both by Jim Strom, Clive Young and Mireia Asensio. (more…)

February 27, 2006


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I am writing a report which may be submitted to the DIVERSE conference in Glasgow this coming June. The idea of the report is to summarize the experience gathered in the university in the use of video streaming. I have concentrated in 5 examples that I will be treating as three case studies. The idea is to analyse them, compare them, find the educational gain, and I have decided to suggest an asynchronous communication feature, to enhance interaction.

February 16, 2006


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On Thursday February 16th I met with Mike Cowie again. He showed me some features of Domino (the VLE of the University also called LUVLE) and we agreed to have a new meeting in two weeks. Domino is the Web integration of Lotus Notes.

We talked about how to upload videos in LUVLE and some other features that will be very useful for me in the design of my first prototype.

February 7, 2006


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Today I met Mike Cowie, a member of the Learning Technology Group in CELT, and he gave me lots of useful pieces of advice. we mainly spoke about video streaming, encoding formats (he showed certain preference for encoding in Flash Video). (more…)

Talking Head

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Today, Mike O’Donoghue invited me to participate in the recording of a series of videos for a course convened by Prof. Ian Whyte.

Hilary Thomas is designing the online course for a programme offered in the department of continuing education, LU. She is planning to use Camtasia to put on the web the talking head and the slides of this lecture about the landscapes of Lake District.

I helped Mike to install the camera and the lights, to test the microphone and to set up the space for the interviewee. Again the experience was worth it!

Alberto Ramírez Martinell

December 14, 2005

Management School

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I have visited a lecture (both physically and virtually), which has been videoed and streamed on the web. The lecturer is presenting his slides and himself as a “moving” talking head. Students are going to be submitted a questionnaire in order to see how much have they profited from this modality of giving a lecture.


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