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March 26, 2006

After all, why video streaming?

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I was skimming some of the articles in the click and go video project website, and I found particularly interesting two called Developing a streaming Video Methodology and Click and Go Video, both by Jim Strom, Clive Young and Mireia Asensio.

While questioning the reasons of resorting to video streaming as a learning/teaching aid, they commented on the status of the mature and part-time students, their responsibilities and other pressures in addition to their studies. They see in video streaming for higher education, an opportunity to provide straightforward access to these type of students to lectures, seminars, tutorials, and social events, and I quote them: “Employers are increasingly unwilling to release their lifelong learning employees to attend conventional campus-based courses, so universities are now having to provide more flexible and distance methods of study”.

In the conceptual framework of dealing with design, implementation and use of learning technologies, they identified technology, pedagogy and infrastructure as three themes that should have been developed parallelly according to the stakeholders’s thinking, expectations and needs.

They stated that “the technical and cost barriers for using video in education have never been lower” and in addition to that, the combination of video, sounds, web pages, electronic presentations, text conferencing, whiteboards, and shared applications should be integrated to a web-learning environment quick and easily (Cf. 1).
The pedagogic approaches suggested in the project are versatile and try to cope with a wide variety of web-based video learning-teaching methods. “However the pedagogical challenge is to choose and asses the technology available and to use it in ways that are pedagogically appropriate and sensitive to the users and the learning context” (Cf. 1). Regarding to the infrastructure, they suggest taking into account resources, skills, and culture involved in the project and to achieve a full integration of these strands, they advice dealing with them as a whole.

To close their article, they revise two case studies to reflect the “process of developing and implementing video streaming material and its integration with other applications and communication and information tools” (Cf. 1).



  1. Hola soy Steve Solis publicista de la CD. de México La idea es grande aunque si se requiere de tecnilogia para poder se utilizada, creo que para los paises primer mundistas seria de gran ayuda a la educación, pero en mi cazo un pais que notiene los suficientes recursos es mas algo asi, por que nisiquiera estaría en posiblidades de ser un istrumento de educación, como lo es el internet, que aqui es costoso y lento. Pero felicidades por esa gran idea.
    Que bueno que aunque sea otros gobiernos apoyen a la educación de personas mexicanas que quieren hacer algo bueno.

    Comment by Steve Solis — March 27, 2006 @ 1:47 pm

  2. Gracias por comentar Steve, habrá que hacer algo para que México empiece a gozar de los privilegios de la tecnología aplicada.Though I am sure that applied technology in Education in Mexico is taking off.

    Comment by Alberto — March 27, 2006 @ 7:55 pm

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