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March 31, 2006

Video Recipes

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Video Recipe

Navigating the Internet I found an interesting site, where video streaming is used to present a couple of Mexican-Amercian recipes (Red Kidney beans and rice and Chicken and rice).

Independently from the content and its design, which by the way are good, the underlying pedagogical principles deserved to be commented. It is a good example of instructional design where a talking head explains by doing. Besides watchinge the video, tue users are able, as well, to glimpse some pictures, read the ingredients and the directions, click a couple of links, print the text-based recipe, e-mail it or add it to, what they called, a Recipe Box.

The video is divided in three chunks so the viewer can watch the first part, read the ingredients, watch the second part, read the directions and at the end, see the final video. It is definitively an exquisite use of video streaming.


March 30, 2006

Computer Conferencing

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I read Using Communications Media in Open and Flexible Learning, a book by Robin Mason.

Not finished, please pop back later

March 26, 2006

After all, why video streaming?

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I was skimming some of the articles in the click and go video project website, and I found particularly interesting two called Developing a streaming Video Methodology and Click and Go Video, both by Jim Strom, Clive Young and Mireia Asensio. (more…)

March 25, 2006


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To insert a video from Youtube.com in WordPress just type the following line:

[ youtube=http://youtube.com/?v=ZZZZZZZZ ]

Plugins for using video in a wordpress blog´



March 11, 2006

Videoconference – first attempt

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After 7 weeks of setting everything up for a videoconference that I arranged with the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, in Mexico, today it took place.

March 9, 2006

Videoconferencing essay

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I am writing an essay of videoconferencing in networked learning, and I have been looking for papers and other sources to document what I say. I found in the Bibliography of one of Mike O’Donoghue’s papers an interesting source called Videoconferencing: active reflection on new technologies when lecturing. I look it up in Google and I found it in a reliable resource database, where I also found another paper called Videoconferencing: a collaborative experiment.

In the first paper, I found very interesting, how the videoconferences were operatively managed by means of an etiquette, and how logistic and budget defined the use of videoconferences in these Scottish HE sites.

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