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February 28, 2006

Opportunistic learning

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J. Lundin and M, Magnusson in a paper called Collaborative learning in mobile work, mentioned the concept of opportunistic learning, which says that learning may take place when walking from one office to another and running into someone who tells you something that might be useful to you. Well reading this article, I bumped into something that might be useful to me.

They cited Wenger (1998) (whom I have to read) and I just would like to cite them:

According to Wenger (1998), learning is dependent on collaboration and communities of practice. Further on he describes social participation as a process of learning and knowing which includes four interconnected and mutually defining components; meaning (learning as experience), practice (learning as doing), community (learning as belonging) and identity (learning as becoming). These four components depend on collaborative activities”

Another useful idea they drew, which might help me defining why using Asynchronous interaction tools in a VLE, is:
“In collaborative learning discussions among the participants are essential. When collaborative learners are distributed, tools for mediating these discussions are needed. This tools for synchronous communication such as text chat, voice or video chat, as well as tools for asynchronous communication, such as text forums video recordings or email”

Thank you Lundin and Magnusson, you made me move in my work!


Lundin, J. & Magnusson, M. (2003). Collaborative learning in mobile work. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 19, Blackwell Publishing Ltd. 273-283.

in ALT3 course materials


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