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February 7, 2006

Focus Group

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In the Class of Qualitative Methods Philip Macnaghten, was invited to talk about Focus groups. In a very active manner he presented reasons and situations where focus groups are more suitable. What I found more useful and interesting was the stages of a Focus Group that he presented.

Forming, Stroming, Norming, Performing, and Mourning were the suggested stages.

Forming Stage

  • People are anxious. They need to feel part of the group. The moderator needs to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Welcome the group, thank them for attending, explain the reason of the focus group and the length of the session. Set an introductory question (30 sec each).

Storming Stage

  • Make the group feel confident, try to make them get rid of nervousness, power and prejudices.

Norming Stage

  • Address the issue.

Performing Stage

  • People Interact and form a debate, they agree and disagree. The moderator needs to keep the flow of the topic, guiding the discussion, setting questions and paying attention to time.

Mourning Stage

  • The group may not want to finish the session if the discussion is passionate. The moderator should warn the group 10 minutes before the end of the session and before leaving a last comment on behalf of the participants should be elicited. Finish the session by thanking them.

The lecturer also gave some suggestions about moderating, the most relevant to me was “dealing with silence” that is to say, letting the group filling those uncomfortable gaps of silence.

Alberto Ramírez Martinell 


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