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February 2, 2006

Educational Broadcasting

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TV broadcast crew

As part of my training programme Mike O’Donoghue invited me to participate in 4 sessions of a course he is giving called Educational Broadcasting (EDS239). Together with a group of undergraduate students, we have to produce an educational video about the problems youngsters face with their GCSE. “Youth matters!” is the name of the 8-minute-long video that we are producing, it is formed by a title sequence (30sec), an introduction script (90sec), two VT’s (120 sec each), a forum discussion (120sec + 90sec), the wrap up (30sec) and a credit sequence (30sec).

Although I am only dealing directly with edition of the VT’s, the starting and ending sequences, and the captions, during the shooting I am in the Gallery struggling with the RO, experiencing the stress and pressure of TV broadcasting and seeing how the director directs, the audio and video mixer mixes and the camera women pan and zoom the cameras regard the director’s order.

Thank you Mike this experience is worth more than 11,520 frames

Alberto Ramírez Martinell 


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  1. Today we shot the final version of the 10 minute long TV programme, and from the production point of view, it was satisfactory.

    Comment by armartinell — February 14, 2006 @ 3:04 am

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