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December 14, 2005

Management School

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I have visited a lecture (both physically and virtually), which has been videoed and streamed on the web. The lecturer is presenting his slides and himself as a “moving” talking head. Students are going to be submitted a questionnaire in order to see how much have they profited from this modality of giving a lecture.

In the first virtual presentation, the course convenor said the following:

To make a video of the lecture today, as part of the process where we are hoping to get to the point were we can record lectures or maybe, if that doesn’t work out, summaries of lectures so we can make them available on the web, on the domino site, so if you don’t get to the lecture, which you wouldn’t do, because it is so interesting you´ll be here every time, but it might be that is late and you just can’t out of bed, so you can still get the lecture, or more seriously, for people who don’t have English as their natal language, who might want to go and listen to the lecture again or maybe parts of the lecture, and the good thing is that in a virtual presentation you can push the professor forwards or backwards as much as you like, which you can do in real time. So I am going to move around this area, as I speak, and hopefully we’ll get a decent quality of the result so we can make it available.

I find it very accurate.


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